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Job Title:
Dialler Manager
£26,000 - £30,000 (Dependant on experience and skill levels.)
Job Type:
Job Starts:

This role is responsible for sourcing and penetrating data for all clients and making decisions on dialing strategy.  An Ideal candidate will manage a team to co-ordinate data performance and data allocations, reporting back on ROI as well as profitability on campaign and data levels. This role is required to manage both the dialler platform in respect to data and dialler strategy as well as manage and maintain relationships with both internal teams and suppliers.

Key Deliverables

·         Managing compliance with OFCOM / ICO / DMA / DPA regulations - ensuring that our controls are fit for purpose and adhered to at all times

·         Developing and implementing innovative dialling strategies, based on sound analysis and authoritative expertise

·         Purchase high performing data

·         Manage effective ‘Data Supplier’ relationships

·         Drive operational performance, using management information and analysis, and acting as a management information champion to give insight into call centre performance

·         Analysing and publishing campaign and colleague performance to identify areas for improvement, risks and opportunities

·         Creating an effective communication network, liaising with key stakeholders across the business to continually improve campaign performance


·         Manage feedback to key stakeholders and suggest improvement

·         Accept responsibility for data management and dialling strategies

·         Manage and monitor recycling rules in line with contract terms and legislation

·         Analyse performance of data using various reporting tools utilising information identified to prepare a complex dialling strategy, to maximise performance in all areas

·         Ensure agents and Team Managers are performing as per expectation and feed back into Operational stakeholders where this is not the case.

·         Proactively manage Agent behaviour’s surrounding logging and dispositioning of calls through the management team

·         Spot trends and act accordingly to understand and improve negative behaviour’s surrounding data usage and performance within campaign and sub campaigns and report

·         Analyse data on a daily basis, detailing customer connect rate, opportunities to sell, sales volumes, file penetration and propensity

·         Spot trends and implement corrective actions and insight into data performance (SPH, OTS, Penetration etc.)

·         Liaise with operational management ensuring objectives and strategies are aligned and planning is robust and recorded for Audit

·         Analyse call centre data to identify trends and prioritise information that has a direct impact on performance


Qualifications/Experience Required


·         Experience managing Synthesys Platform.

·         Experience working within Outsourcing.

·         Experience working with Excel and SQL to manage and manipulate Data.

·         Previous data purchasing experience.

·         Managing diallers in a fast-paced sales environment.



·         Ability to creatively solve issues/concerns

  • Previous     experience within similar role
  • Previous     experience in a similar working environment – Contact Centre     Outbound/Inbound

·         Excellent attention to detail – being able to easily spot issues and flag areas for concern

·         Excellent communication skills – liaising directly face to face or by telephone/email

·         Solution driven and focused on KPIs

·         Focused and able to think on feet in demanding environment/situations

·         Able to be flexible in an ever-changing environment

·         Positive with can-do attitude

·         Resilience and tenacity

·         Conscientious and reliable

·         Ability to build and maintain networks with colleagues


This is what we ResQ can offer

·         A fantastic working environment

·         Staff benefit portal (BHSF) with discount and salary sacrifice schemes

·         Company Pension Scheme

·         28 days holiday (includes 8 Bank Holidays)

·         Free parking

·         Day off for your birthday

·         Plus staff incentives

Why work at ResQ?

Remarkable Rewards!
The many benefits of working for ResQ, coffee isn’t the only perk…
Onsite Canteen with Healthy Options
Cycle to Work Scheme
FREE Onsite Staff Gym
Buy/Sell Holidays
20 Days Holiday Plus Bank Holidays and a FREE Day Off for your Birthday
Childcare Vouchers
Full Access to The ResQ Rewards Portal Offering Hundreds of Discounts and Vouchers for Top Retail, Leisure, and Travel Brands.
24 Hour Employee Assistance Programme
Great Career Progression
Fun Activities and Social Events
Competitive Salary and Performance Based Bonuses
Health and Pension Schemes

Who we are and who we strive to be

This brochure will provide you with more detail about our people and our culture. We believe our people are what give us our unique point of difference. It is our people that make ResQ a success.


To Help: All those who come into contact with ResQ. Teaching, leading, listening, supporting, collaborating and competing.

The World: We aim high. This inspires us to grow and compels us to continue developing market leading services.

Better: Whatever we do, we should do it better than our competitors and better than we have done in the past. Everyone who interacts with ResQ should expect more and we will deliver on that.

ResQ is an owner managed contact centre. This means two things.

You will work with people similar to yourselves, no big corporate faceless bosses. The owners here have been there and done that in contact centres over the years. Everything you will be asked to do, they have done also. You get to see them and you will get to know them.

Secondly a contact centre, is what has been referred to in the past as a call centre. We call ResQ a contact centre, because we don’t just make calls, we take calls, we use chat functions and we use social media. Ultimately our job is to help people, people like you, your family and friends to get help when they need it most. Help to save money on energy bills, to make an online purchase, technical help, a catalogue order, even to buy your football season ticket.

So we are here to help and you will do this working with people just like you.

We don’t spam people and we don’t nuisance call. We work ethically for big brands that are ethical in the way they work also. We are very proud of our brand and we work with companies who are also proud of their brand. We will never do anything that will upset and annoy our customers (people like you and your family) or anything that will harm our clients trusted brand.

We have people here who have been working with us for over eight years. And sure, some people did originally join us thinking they would move on in six months.

“I first started this job, thinking I would leave after about four months as I wanted to save enough money to go back to Australia to live. I have been here for four years now. I stayed because I was recognised and I had some natural abilities which were spotted and I was given a progression plan. I started working as a telephone agent and I have now progressed to work in recruitment.”

So we would like people to work with us knowing that there is career development, if you want it. If you don’t than that’s fine too, not everyone wants to take over the world. However, we do ask that all team members, come with an open mind, are willing to challenge themselves and will work as a team to get the job done right and to a high standard. Do those simple things and you will be rewarded both financially and recognised as a star member of the team, which has its own set of benefits.

We are looking for motivated hard workers, no need for a degree, A-levels or any type of qualification for that matter. We will provide you with life-time training.

Hmmm no. We employ good people who want to be remarkable. We do, however, actively recruit people from all backgrounds, interests and ages.

Glad you asked. We believe that people should be rewarded for a good days work. If you work well and to our standards, you will have a job for life. You will be paid well as a standard salary and you will earn extra in the way of bonuses and commission.

Some people work full time in which case you will work five days a week and some people work part time, in which case you will have more time off in a week depending on your contracted hours.

Absolutely. We can offer early and late starts and weekend work. You can work full time or you can work part time. For a remarkable team member we have lots of options.


You don’t always need to be told what to do. We don’t always hold your hand, we let you generate your own great ideas and bring new thinking to the team.


If you always do what you’ve always done, you will only achieve what you have already achieved. Keeping up with trends, changes in behaviour, opportunities in technology or, as simple, as finding more ways to make your customers smile. Responding quickly to change is what keeps us one step ahead.


Sometimes life is tough, work is hard, a curveball is thrown your way. Each day we may deal with something unexpected. We learn from these experiences and we take the positives away from every interaction and situation. As each day passes we become better, more innovative, and we continue to be hungry for success. This is why we are remarkable.

A rewarding job, not just in terms of money – because of the people, the friends you make, the fact you are celebrated for being you. The way you feel supported, laughs, fun, treats and the acknowledgement you receive for doing a good job, not just from management, but from your peers as well.
ResQ Team Member, Responsible Telemarketing™ agent.