ResQ celebrates its thirteenth birthday - CEO Nic Marshall blog

As we embark on our fourteenth year in business, I find myself reflecting on the years that have been and those that will be.

First though, it’s probably worth going back to the beginning and remember why ResQ? The vision was to set up a business that bucked the trend in outsourcing by putting people at the heart of the business and investing in them. The magic ingredient was the Hull factor that traded on being ferociously competitive and proud. This foundation underpins the culture, enthusiasm and self-belief that is palpable in both centres today.   

Succeeding in outsourcing really does demand a unique type of person. It moulds people to be just as passionate about delighting the client as they are about their own team’s success. The understanding of what makes every individual sparkle and how each person within the team interacts with new members is something that the ResQ family has wholeheartedly embraced. 

Our culture is based on supporting people to be the best they can be, celebrating individual successes, encouragement to speak out and be heard, and have a rewarding career at the same time. No mean feat but collectively we do it consistently!

Of course there has been ups and downs along the way – that’s business; a lot of sleepless nights but it has all been worth it. The anguish whilst we wait for a decision on a new piece of work is far outweighed by the celebration of the win. The pride in exceeding clients’ expectations and being recognised as the best in our field really does energise the whole business. “I’m smiling as I type this because that is the life blood of ResQ!”

We work with amazing clients, we have developed our own leading edge technology, we learn from our mistakes and we are always the ones to beat (Bring it on!). All this can only be achieved by having a fantastic team that is passionate, ambitious and competitive. I would like to say thank you for continually delivering standout performances that set the benchmark in our industry. I’m so proud of what we have collectively achieved so far and I know we have just begun. Hold on tight as the business is about to grow exponentially as new clients join us and our existing clients double in size. The culture that has underpinned our success has to be extended too and we should not compromise on this as it is the heartbeat of ResQ.

So, Happy 13th Birthday ResQ! I absolutely believe that we have delivered what we set out to achieve and so much more. Using the feedback from my ‘Breakfast with the Boss sessions’ as one of many measures, I am tremendously proud of our company and the trajectory of travel. 

Happy birthday Team ResQ.

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