We are a problem solving, professional service focused business. Meaning we provide all industries and sectors with full service, omnichannel, contact centre support. 

Our agents are remarkable, the best in the business, trained to operate to the highest standards of any leading UK brand.

Inbound sales line
Customer services
Internet response
Support for comparison sites
Media response (DRTV, Radio, Press, Direct Mail)
Customer helplines and support lines
Dealer and branch look-up
Donation lines
Disaster recovery

Customer acquisition
Direct sales
Retention and win back
Sales lead and follow up
Lead generation
Appointment setting
Information gathering
Market research
Welcome calls

Our purpose is to help. Each other, our clients and their customers. Teaching, leading, listening, supporting, collaborating and competing.
Gill Marchbank, Co-director. ResQ

With our full suite of services, market leading technology and our team of remarkable people we are perfectly placed to help our clients, help their customers.

Key Facts
  • Home of Responsible Telemarketing™
  • Financial cost savings
  • Increased agility and scalability for your business
  • Risk and reward contracts
  • Improved contact rate
  • Higher conversions
  • Up to the second management and business intelligence
  • OFCOM 2016 fully compliant

Want to know more?

Our Remarkable People

This brochure will provide you with more detail about our people and our culture. We believe our people are what give us our unique point of difference. It is our people that make ResQ a success.

Mostly, yes. We don’t necessarily lead with particular industry and sector specialisms as what we do benefits such a wide range of business types. We are very proud of our brand, so we will only work on projects that we deem to be ethical for all involved. We want to make an impact as well so each project will be considered on an ROI basis.

Honestly our team, across the board, are of a remarkable standard. Inbound or outbound we achieve incredible results for our clients and, more often, out-perform other contact centres. One thing we will say is that we do have the edge in outbound with our Responsible Telemarketing™ service. With equal measures of clever thinking, technology and our very own remarkable telemarketing team we are achieving unprecedented results, while all the time achieving 100% compliance with the 2016 OFCOM regulated benchmark.

If you contact our head office and ask for Matt Marshall. He is our Sales Director and co-founding partner. He will extend an invitation for you to see our team in action, giving you plenty of opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what we do and how we do it.


01482 481 200hello@resqcs.co.uk
75-81 George Street
Criterion House


01234 567891hello@resqcs.co.uk
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