Our people are what makes ResQ excellent, they give us our unique point of difference. With a willingness to make things great, work hard, be inventive and to celebrate success by doing the right things for their fellow team members, the customers and our clients.

We work hard to make sure we are doing the right things and that we are doing them well, all the while trying to make ResQ an enjoyable environment to work in. We believe people work best when they enjoy their job.

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
Mark Twain, writer, entrepreneur, publisher and lecturer

We learn from our experiences and we take the positives away from every interaction and situation. As each day passes we become better and we continue to be hungry for success. This is why our people are remarkable.

Key Facts
  • All agents receive thorough classroom training
  • Agents progress through the ResQ academy
  • Trained on our suite of Technology
  • New agents job shadow remarkable agents
  • On the job training – we turn training into actions
  • Campaign specific training
  • Each agent has a dedicated mentor and coach
  • Assessed and developed; competency framework and regular performance reviews
  • Legislative training on: Equality and diversity, data protection and anti fraud
  • Middle management leadership programme
  • Strategic management leadership programme

Want to know more?

Our Remarkable People

This brochure will provide you with more detail about our people and our culture. We believe our people are what give us our unique point of difference. It is our people that make ResQ a success.

We describe our people to be; intrapreneurial, agile and, above all, remarkable. We allow room for our people to develop and solve problems, to consider new and better ways of doing something and to achieve better results. Sometimes life is tough, work can be hard, a curveball is thrown our way. Each day we deal with the unexpected, we learn from these experiences, take away the positives and as each day passes we become better.

The industry can attract those who are looking for a stop gap job we do, however, spend time and effort recruiting good candidates from the off. Good candidates that become remarkable team members, with our lifelong training programmes, mentoring, continuous coaching and support from their peers and management team. Sure we have people leave, that’s natural, but the best stay, and become accredited as a remarkable team member. These are the people who work on our clients’ accounts.

We provide Lifelong Learning, a programme of training, education and hands-on experience. Being remarkable doesn’t happen overnight, nor do we ever consider remarkable to be done, complete, finished as an exercise or a one-off exam, test or fixed term of employment. Being remarkable, for us at least, means always looking to improve, always looking to find better ways of doing something, better ways of improving relationships, hitting targets, making people smile… So we provide and support out team in lifelong learning. As long as someone works for us they will always have the best training available, no matter what level they are at within their career.


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