Leading the UK for Responsible Telemarketing™, ResQ, is uniquely positioned to meet the new OFCOM regulated benchmark for all outbound performance.

In a standard contact centre setting, using preview dialling, we can see the number of sales reducing and the cost per sale rising. Using ResQ’s platform in full ‘Responsible Telemarketing™’ mode, we actually see sales rise and the cost per sale significantly reduce.

  1. Agents
  2. Total Calls
  3. Opportunity to sell (OTS)
  4. Total (OTS)
  5. Total Sales
Responsible Telemarketing™
  1. Agents
  2. 100
  3. Total Calls
  4. 37,826
  5. Opportunity to sell (OTS)
  6. 9.50%
  7. Total (OTS)
  8. 3,593
  9. Total Sales
  10. 611
Preview Dialling
  1. Agents
  2. 100
  3. Total Calls
  4. 23,097
  5. Opportunity to sell (OTS)
  6. 4.77%
  7. Total (OTS)
  8. 1,102
  9. Total Sales
  10. 165
Delivering more for the same or the same for less.
Matt Marshall, ResQ Sales Director

Embracing compliance we use leading edge technology, unparalleled knowledge and truly refined operational expertise to guarantee piece of mind and certainty that your campaign will be operating compliantly. Clients of ResQ can benefit from 0% abandoned and silent call rates all the while continuing to benefit from the advantages of predictive dialling technology, including heightened agent productivity, improved contact rate, greater opportunity to convert and better use of data assets.

Responsible Telemarketing™ 
Remarkable People 
Unrivalled success
Key Facts
  • Doubles productivity and performance
  • Delivers financial cost savings
  • More agility and scalability for your business
  • Removes risk, enhances brand
  • Reduce abandoned calls to 0%
  • Reduce silent calls to 0%
  • Eliminates all false positives
  • Improved contact rate
  • Higher conversions
  • Up to the second management and business intelligence
  • Tried and tested
  • OFCOM 2016 fully compliant

Want to know more?

Our Remarkable People

This brochure will provide you with more detail about our people and our culture. We believe our people are what give us our unique point of difference. It is our people that make ResQ a success.

Under normal circumstances or, more accurately, with the technology and processes currently adopted by contact centres, then yes it would become more expensive. However, with equal measures of clever thinking, technology and our very own remarkable telemarketing team we are achieving unprecedented results, while all the time achieving 100% compliance with the 2016 OFCOM regulated benchmark.

We are happy to discuss, to a point, how we do it and we can show you metrics for past and current campaigns. Contact us and ask for our Sales Director and Co-Founder Matt Marshall, who will be able to talk more in-depth about our technology and advanced capabilities.


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