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We Sent Our Boss Up a Mountain!


Not one to shy away from a challenge, this year our CEO, Nic Marshall, set himself the biggest one yet!

Not content with having swam the Humber, cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats and the many more charitable adventures he’s completed, this September, he and a team of like-minded business men donned their hiking gear and set off to conquer the world’s fourth highest mountain to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.‍

Confessing he likes to do something ‘silly’ every two years to challenge himself and put something back, Nic had just 12 weeks to prepare for the ten day expedition to climb an impressive 20,000ft to reach the top of the snow-capped Tanzanian peak all in the name of charity.

The mission of choice: to raise funds towards the amazing multi-million pound transformation of Hull’s Holy Trinity Church.

England’s largest parish church and an iconic building dating back more than 700 years standing proudly in the heart of the city’s old town, it is hoped that the rejuvenation will help make the church more accessible to the whole community.

The impressive plans will also enable it to host a wider range of cultural and social events in light of Hull becoming City of Culture 2017.

Nic said:

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience combining a significant physical and mental challenge with supporting a tremendous local cause. Here at ResQ we recognise the very special part Holy Trinity has always played in the life of our city and the exciting potential it has now to be at the heart of Hull’s regeneration.”

Nic and the team of intrepid explorers began their ascent on Tuesday 20 September after taking a humbling trip to visit some of the Tanzanian schools and orphanages to donate books, pens and paper to the local children.

Starting the trek in beautiful, lush rainforest the ascent took the team through rugged terrain, saw them climbing sheer rock faces, suffering through lack of oxygen and, at high altitude points, feeling like they were walking on the moon.

Not to mention the freezing cold temperatures which meant that one evening Nic’s body temperature fell to a worrying 19ºC.

Nic added:

“I don’t think I prepared myself for how exhausting and mentally tough it was going to be. We all had low points where just putting one foot in front of another was a challenge but during those times the rest of the team rallied round to boost morale. With all the jokes and banter flying about it almost felt like being back on a rugby tour.”

So far the team have raised more than £40,000 with donations still flooding in.

Nic said:

“It was an incredible experience and I am truly thankful to all who sponsored, it was those donations that really spurred me on to reach the top!”

For now Nic is getting some much needed rest but keep your eyes peeled for his next dare-devil adventure.

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