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Sam Such, Call Centre Manager at ResQ Hull Wins Prestigious Award


Sam has been with ResQ since 2012. He joined the business as most of the senior managers have as a Telesales Agent and has worked his way up the ranks. From sales agent to team leader and from supervisor to call centre manager, Sam is now one of three call centre managers who report into General Manager, Matt Gray.

Sam has a way of working that is really very special. He is an extremely loyal employee of ResQ and is passionate about his work. With responsibility for around 300 staff, Sam is a visible and prominent member of the management team.

About his work

Being a call centre manager comes with huge responsibility. Sam is responsible for the smooth running of the operations. He needs to make sure that all the systems are running efficiently. He needs to ensure that his team of supervisors understand their targets and meet them, that our clients are happy and importantly that we are looking out for the welfare of our people. And, all this whilst ensuring 100% compliance. In fact, this does not in any way do the job that Sam does any justice.

Sam’s style

He leads his team, giving them clear direction and focus as well as motivation. He’s a coach too, as it is our ethos that we develop our people and allow people to be the best that they can be. The job of a sales agent can be a tough one sometimes and you need to be resilient. You also need to be knowledgeable about the clients’ products or services. Whilst full training is given, there are invariably times when an agent needs support. Sam and his team leaders and supervisors are always there to support and coach.

Under pressure, Sam is a natural. He is a calm, rational thinker who keeps his cool and deals with any problems in a logical manner.

It is also Sam who will be identifying talent in the business and looking at who could benefit from further development or promotion.Sam is a hands on Manager, well known and well-liked by the whole business.

What his colleagues say about him

Fellow Call Centre Manager, John Brown describes the role as being one of Leader, Coach, Mentor and Counsellor and cites Sam as being amazing at what he does.

Sam’s manager Matt Gray describes Sam as being hugely passionate, highly capably, totally trustworthy and honest and with ambition,and a willingness to succeed, adding that he is truly deserving of this award.

And there’s more

He is responsible for some of the businesses highest earning and successful campaigns and is non-stop, but will always have time for people and will always support any company initiative or charity event and recently despite having shoulder surgery, coached the Hull centres’ football team in a charity match.

Despite Sam’s success and notoriety across the business, he is extremely humble and approachable. A father of three girls and a big Hull FC fan, Sam manages to balance his dedication to work with his family and clearly is a loyal and dedicated father. He’s a keen golfer and it’s rumoured that he recently bought his youngest daughter a mini golf club set so that she can join him on the golf course at a weekend. Sam has an art degree and is also a very creative and talented individual.

And finally

In summary, Sam is an all-round, special, dedicated, awesome, clever, supportive, brilliant guy who does his job with passion, commitment and capability.

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