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Struggling with the Smart Meter Deadline?


The smart meter deadline of 2020 is looming. All energy providers must ‘take all reasonable steps to roll out smart meters to all of their domestic and small business customers by the end of 2020’ which means many energy companies are facing a big headache.

At ResQ we know just how frustrating it can be to try and schedule appointments for meter installation. There are three big impediments to the roll out of smart meters to consumers and they are:

  • People failing to understand the benefit of the smart meter and so rejecting installation
  • People forgetting they’d arranged a smart meter installation and not being home for the engineer’s visit
  • Households or business premises not being suitable for installation when the engineer arrives

Then there are some urban myth problems that need to be resolved to gain consumer buy-in. For example, fear of being ‘spied’ on by the meter and media scare stories of billing catastrophes may need to be overcome before your customers are happy to proceed.

So, what can ResQ do to help? A lot!

ResQ – colleagues, technology and attitude to solve Smart Meter installation problems.

Addressing all these problems is our business. We take a professional, engaged attitude to your customers, using our superb call centre technology and our remarkable people who will take your customer through the end to end process, setting expectations and thoroughly explaining the benefits and reasons for having a meter installed. Our team will also confirm that the customer’s property is suitable for SMET2 smart meter installation. This allows us to:

  • Ensure your customers value a smart meter and agree to installation
  • Make appointments and remind householders to be present for the meter fitting
  • Maximise engineer productivity

Smart meters aren’t just a government initiative, they are a great way to manage energy consumption. Energy pricing will always be the key factor for customers who do shop around for their energy supplies, but we believe that our contribution to supporting your customers through their smart meter installation journey can help ensure that your satisfaction ratings are consistently high. High customer service ratings, especially on comparison sites, encourage new customers to choose you over the competition.

Ready to reduce your smart meter roll-out headaches to a minimum? Contact us today so that ResQ can turn the big three problems into installation solutions.

ResQ is the Smart solution to the Smart problem.

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