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When all They Want for Christmas is Great Customer Service…and You Can’t Deliver!


If you Google the term ‘customer service’, it’s rarely followed by the words ‘fantastic’, ‘wonderful’ or ‘outstanding’. Social media is packed with people talking about the ‘awful’, ‘rubbish’ and ‘non-existent’ customer service they’ve received from companies, including major international brands. You might think, from a brief survey of these complaints, that it’s just not possible to get customer service right.

We say otherwise. Our clients know that few things have a greater effect on brand loyalty than the quality of customer service. Which is why our contact centres excel in creating the kind of positive, brand-enhancing experience that every company desires, and every consumer welcomes.

Not all contact centres are created equal

At this time of year, many companies watch the orders coming in with mixed feelings. They know that by Christmas their call centre will be deluged with queries, concerns, issues and problems. And they know it isn’t going to cope.

At ResQ, we view Christmas as a challenge we rise to annually – it’s not a crisis to be managed, it’s a part of the professional, client-centred service that we offer every single day, which might be why, when consultancy.uk ran a survey to find out who had the best UK customer service, three of the top ten are organisations using ResQ call centre services. Both inbound and outbound, we ensure that our remarkable people, and our unique technology, combine to create outstanding responses.

What makes ResQ special?

Inbound, we focus on excellent customer services, helplines and support lines, and dealing with internet responses, comparison site responses and media response. When consumers reach us, they know they are going to get their needs met, and they offer glowing reviews of the treatment they receive.

Outbound, we interact with clients using proprietary technology called Responsible Telemarketing™ that is OfCom compliant. Actually, it’s better than that, it’s Ofcom approved, because it can achieve the impossible – zero nuisance calls. We handle direct sales and customer acquisition with confidence, and our lead generation and appointment setting techniques are superbly designed to create, generate and retain – the big three goals for any business looking to grow.

Just take a look at what we achieve for our clients, and how we achieve it, here and then, if your customer service isn’t where it should be, why not talk to us? We can help make 2019 the year that you really look forward to reading your customer service metrics.

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