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The CX Files Podcast Blog 3: A New Hybrid Way of Working: The Future


Our CEO and Co-Founder Gill Marchbank recently featured as a guest on The CX Files Podcast. Interviewed by host Mark Hillary, a world leading global CX Commentator, author, and blogger. If you have yet to read earlier parts of this blog series, you can do so by following the below links.

In our penultimate blog of this CX files Podcast blog series, Gill discusses with Mark how the pandemic has led to the company creating a new hybrid way of working for employees, allowing a more flexible way of working to fit around the sometimes-difficult individual life circumstances many can face. This new way of working will provide great empowerment to each individual and collective team to work in a way that suits them best. This has arisen after such a great collective response across the board with the way teams performed during the difficult lockdown periods of the pandemic. Displaying great loyalty and a desire to ensure that each of ResQ’s clients still received the high standard of service delivery no matter the location of our team members. To learn how this was achieved you can read our Top Tips for Engaging Home Workers here.

Mark: ‘In this kind of post covid environment where a lot of agents have been working at home for months, are you now sort of building a hybrid environment or a more flexible environment for them working in future?’

Gill: ‘Yeah, my message to the business and my focus is on employee choice. So, if you want to stay working from home, and you feel confident working from home then you can stay at home. If you want to come back to the office, you can come back to the office. I am not making a hard and fast rule, because I think we need to maintain flexibility on this and it has to be around individual choices and circumstances and what I want to build in for next year, is that if you are feeling unwell, or sick or your kids are ill, or it’s summer holidays or you have to look after your elderly farther, or something like that, that you can then ask to work from home during those times, and we’ll be deploying our own device solutions for that because I think we have trusted people through the whole of the last two years to work from home and do a good job and our people have been amazing. So then, why would I now say, I don’t trust you and I don’t believe you, I just don’t think that connects right with our company culture, so giving people that empowerment, flexibility, and choice is incredibly important to us as we move forward post pandemic’.

Mark: ‘It does seem incredible, when we look back to pre-pandemic, people seem to be so scared to ask to leave an hour early because their kid has had a school play or something like that and it’s a very positive thing I think, that this flexibility has been introduced’

Implementing such flexibility in the everchanging covid landscape we find ourselves navigating has become essential for many companies. Here at ResQ we feel that taking the opportunity to turn the product of a difficult few years into something that becomes a more positive and flexible working opportunity for everyone within the business would enable a further extension of the benefits home working can provide for many.

The final instalment of this CX Files Podcast blog series will be available to view soon, in which Gill Marchbank offers her top three tips to foster world-class employee culture.

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