Providing Scalable Solutions

SECTOR: Telecommunications and Media Services SERVICE: Outbound Sales for Acquisition and Retention

The Challenge

ResQ entered into a tender process with a major player in the telecommunications sector.  In the tender process, ResQ faced some stiff competition from 19 other providers of varying size, all competing for this major contract.  One of the challenges for us was to demonstrate that we could offer the rapid growth that the contract required of both the infrastructure and skilled sales advisors along with dedicated operational management.

The Solution

During the tender, we were able to demonstrate that we could offer not only the scalable solution that the client required, but also a robust management structure capable of coping with all the requirements of a large-scale operation.  ResQ’s cloud based dialling platform provided a technological edge with no barrier to rapid growth, a newly refurbished office space provided an outstanding environment that reflected both ResQ’s and our partner’s cultures.  By coupling all of this with a co-branded recruitment advert, ResQ was able to recruit the talent required and continue to exceed our partner’s expectations and deliver across all metrics.

The Approach

Crucially, the new operation required some experienced staff at every level on the programme so ResQ redeployed staff from other programmes (with zero risk to those partners due to ResQ’s own succession planning).  By using a blend of new and experienced staff, it gave the new programme the best possible foundation for growth and this methodology continues to be used during any large growth phases.

The Value Analysis

By delivering against the approach outlined, ResQ was able to exceed glide path targets and outperformed incumbent suppliers within three months of launch!  The use of a co-branded advert proved invaluable as the new brand was very attractive to prospective employees and allowed us to get a high calibre of applicants. This also had the added benefit of a reduction in loss of man-hours through attrition.

The last and possibly biggest value ResQ was able to offer was a fresh perspective challenging the status quo; to this end, ResQ challenged the quote model knowing a better solution could be offered.  Working together with our partner and the agents our in-house developers produced an application capable of replacing the quote model in use.  The ‘wizard’ was more interactive and allowed for more customisation, improving both agents’ and customers’ engagement throughout the interaction, which ultimately led to a reduction in call handling time and customer satisfaction.  This development was delivered by ResQ to show what is possible and has been estimated to be able to save circa £1 million per annum based on call handling time reductions across a team of 50 FTE (full time equivalents).

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