Transition of Service from another Outsourced Provider

SECTOR: Telecommunications and Media Services SERVICE: Inbound & Outbound Sales

The Challenge

A new phone and broadband service had been created and was set up using an outsource partner to handle inbound sales calls.  After start up the business decided to benchmark the service by using a second outsource partner (ResQ).  The challenge was simple, who could provide the best return on investment (ROI)?  This was measured across multiple key performance indicators (KPI’s), with the winner becoming sole outsourced call centre partner to the business

The Solution

Understanding what our partner’s requirements were proved to be the biggest driver to this business.  Conversion of sales was first expected but the product mix which was sold proved to be the key focus.  By understanding this it allowed for targeted training to improve customer journey and product offering which not only improved the sales mix, but also increased sales conversion.  Because both conversion and average transaction value (ATV) improved it allowed for further investment into the business and allowed for growth from a self-sustaining perspective for both parties.

The Approach

As the partner had a number of different partners providing leads, it became apparent that reporting on each partner’s performance would offer insight on performance improvements and allow for a more granular targeted approach.  By utilising ResQ’s real-time reporting suite it allowed this granular approach and saw improvements on conversion as well as set realistic expectations on performance based on call arrival by partner based on historic performance.  By doing this and seeing a shortfall on anticipated sales performance we backed ourselves again to make up the shortfall by agreeing and commencing an outbound programme to run parallel to the inbound channel.  This again was not focussed on sales conversion but on value add and customer satisfaction by understanding the customer needs and tailoring the approach accordingly.

The Value Analysis

By ensuring sales made were tailored to the customer’s individual requirements and circumstances it led to greater customer satisfaction measured by an increase in net promoter score (NPS) and a decrease in complaints and cancellations.  This allowed for a truly collaborative approach to a fast paced and quickly changing market place.

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