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ResQ Gender Pay Gap Report 2017


ResQ is committed to the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment for all of our employees. We strive to eliminate any gender bias in our pay and remuneration systems and understand that equal pay between male employees and female employees is both a moral obligation and a legal right in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. We conduct pay reviews and take specific action to address any inequality should it be highlighted.

ResQ is required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap report. This report covers both of our Legal entities across our two sites in Hull and Seaham.

Below is the data for the snapshot date of 5th April 2017:

Both sites have a mean gender pay gap below the national average of 18%. More male employees holding Managerial roles can explain the gap, however the vast majority of employees work in the same type of role as call centre agents and receive equal pay and bonus opportunities.

A higher proportion of male employees being more successful on specific, lucrative sales campaigns helps to explain the gap between the bonus percentages.

A higher proportion of new starters who had not had the opportunity to earn bonus explains the lower bonus percentages received in Seaham for both male employees and females employees.

The difference in quartiles follows a similar pattern as described before with male employees generally holding majority of senior roles as well as receiving higher bonus sums.

ResQ is confident that its gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women differently for the same work. All employees working on inbound and outbound sales have the same basic rate of pay and bonus earning opportunities.

ResQ’s gender pay gap compares favorably across the UK economy. However, we continue to take steps to review our recruitment policies, equal opportunities policies and succession planning / career development processes as we endeavor to close the gap over time.

ResQ is committed to reporting on an annual basis on what it is doing to reduce the gender pay gap and the progress that is being made.

I can confirm that the data above is accurate.

Nic Marshall

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