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Building World Class Culture In EX & CX


Our CEO Gill Marchbank made her Podcast debut last week, joining CX industry analyst, and host Mark Hillary, of the CX Files Podcast.

Discussing just what it takes to deliver world class company culture in an organisation that’s focused on delivering great CX. Gill shares an insight into the company culture and divulges how that embodies everything about ResQ, embracing each individual employee from day one, nurturing and coaching them to great success on their chosen career path. Hear more about how great employee culture is the catalyst to ensuring world class customer experience.

Gill shares some insight into how the business pivoted its way of working due to Covid restrictions, which in turn has begun to shape the future way of working for employees in a hugely positive way. Gain insight into the company’s recruitment and development process: championing those with the right attitude to strive to be the best possible version of themselves to achieve success. A great listen for anyone looking to gain some insight into what it’s like to work as part of and in partnership with ResQ.

If you prefer to listen to the CX Files Podcast episode on your platform of choice, follow the below:

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