Part of a wider campaign which sees business leaders across the country take part in organised sleep outs, giving up their bed and committing to raise at least £1000.

Nic’s together with the support of friends and colleagues has raised just over £2000.

Of the night, Nic said

“It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was a chilly night, around 2 to 3 degrees, and whilst there was a large group of us, once the initial excitement of all meeting each other and discussing how much we have raised together, the reality of the plight of so many across the country soon set in. It was a very sobering experience and I hardly got any sleep at all. I sincerely hope that all the good work that is being done,raises more awareness and funds for charities who are there to support the homeless.”‍

Anyone who would like to support Nic can do so by donating at